Grow Clients

BMDS Supervisor


The GROW Programme has helped my development in so many ways. I am now confident in having difficult conversations with my team and understanding others perspectives on issues. Eva and Melinda and the GROW facilitators, have really pushed me to "think big" and have helped me transform my "mind set" which in turn has helped me with my relationships across the team.

Business Development Manager

National Grid

As a new manager, I understand the importance of getting to know my team quickly to ensure the team remain productive. GROW delivered an outstanding workshop which did exactly this. The workshop raised the team's confidence in who we are and what we can deliver. Eva and Melinda from GROW have experience of managing teams and this was extremely important to me when choosing who to work with. They see the potential in everyone and their passion for development and learning is evident from the minute you meet them

Patient Access Manager


The GROW Programme delivered a highly interactive workshop for my team. As a result of the professionalism and Melinda and Eva's engaging style, my team thoroughly enjoyed the event and morale and motivation has increased significantly across the department. They were both attentive to my needs and highly flexible when working with me. As a manager, the workshop helped me to get to know my team members better and I can now make much quicker decisions for my team which has increased efficiency across the department

Laura Isles

Senior HR Manager, BMDS

Working with Melinda & Eva from GROW has been great. They have listened to our requirements and our employees and developed a tailored leadership Programme that is fun and interactive. The Programme delivered the shift in attitude that we were after. We saw visible change in ownership and the team worked on real issues as well a practice scenarios. This meant that people took time out of the day to day business, but actually worked on the important priority tasks and really got to understand themselves better and how to get the best out of their teams. We are now working on the second year of GROW with the next level of management and hope to filter the Programme throughout all areas