GROW UP and Take Part!

So how at GROW do we make the learning “stick” ? We firmly believe that a training session on its own is not enough to make sure the learning is embedded. That’s why we have developed our GROW E-Learning system to ensure there is continuous learning and our offering is “blended learning”. All our GROW trainees, have access to additional training materials and articles which are relevant to the workshops. This is one way we make sure our GROW trainees do not forget all the “good stuff” they have learnt at the workshops. Not only do they have access to materials, but they have to complete “work work” (i.e. homework), where they have to try out their new skills and report back on findings. Many traditional training programmes, do not include this additional support or challenge. Here at GROW, we have included this as we have seen accelerated learning and positive business changes as a result of this “blended learning” solution.

Some of the businesses we work with have chosen the e-learning option only that we offer. Whatever skills our GROW trainees are learning, whether it is time management, productivity or performance management, you can be assured they will be accessing the very latest thinking, materials and articles on the subject ways which ensures your business has leaders who operate at the highest level.

So if you would like your team leaders or managers to GROW UP, please contact Melinda on 07704 346458 or Eva on 07901 517012