GROW Workshops Radically Change Induction Process

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29th February 2016

GROW Workshops Radically Change Induction Process


Do you have a company induction process? How was it developed? As part of delivering the GROW Programme, we have included Team Leader Coaching sessions. These are normally used to address an issue that a team leader, or group of team leaders has that they would like input on from their peers. The sessions are highly productive and the benefits are two-fold – all team leaders help their colleagues with an issue, and at the same time, learn valuable coaching skills that they can then use in the workplace.

So at a particular session, the issue was raised about the retention of new starters and how the team leaders did not feel the current process, based on their experience was working. Many of the people taken in to the business, left within the first few weeks. This was seen as a waste of time and money for all involved. Something had to change. We therefore, facilitated a session to gather everyone’s top ideas to make the induction process more effective and as a result save the business money in recruitment costs. It was titled “Get the Right People First Time”. The business valued the ideas and have introduced many of them. As a result, of this session, the team leaders have learnt important skills to benefit them in their roles. This includes – listening to other’s ideas, evaluating ideas, thinking “outside the box” for solutions, presentation skills.

Here at GROW, we work with you and your teams on real business issues to GROW your leaders which in turn GROWS your business.

If you would like to discuss how GROW Programme can work with and empower your team leaders to bring positive business benefits please call Melinda on 07704 346458 or Eva on 07901 517012.