The GROW Programme

1Why the GROW Programme?
  • Interactive workshops
  • Highly engaging speakers and materials
  • Guaranteed to increase efficiency, productivity and motivation
  • Workshops delivered by professionals and highly knowledgeable/experienced presenters/trainers.
  • A fully flexible programme that can be adapted to your business needs
  • Selection of modules available to meet your business needs
2Benefits Delivered Include
  • Continuing Professional Development opportunity to learn new skills or update current experience
  • Ongoing support in the subject areas through access to the on-line GROW Learning Hub
  • Learning that “sticks” – it is relevant to your business needs.
3Who Should Attend G.R.O.W?

It doesn’t matter what job title has been assigned to people in your business – Team leader, supervisor, manager- the GROW Programme has been designed for anyone in your business who has responsibility for managing people.

In order to do this effectively, your leaders and managers need support in the key skills required to ensure your teams are lead and managed effectively.

4What’s in a G.R.O.W Programme?
  • Why a GROWTH mind set is key in the role of leader/supervisor
  • Productive use of time
  • Performance excellence
  • Coaching for performance
  • Industry visits to see best practice
  • Effective and engaging communication
  • Dealing effectively with conflict
  • HR policies and procedures.